Welcome, To the before and after life of Cancer 🌻

If you’re here you’re about to read what it truly looks like to go through cancer, but not only that, survive it too. If you’re a cancer patient, survivor, loved one, or just following my story, I welcome you to my safe space.

(2020 Welcome) I welcome you to my outlet, my way to put all my feelings and fears out there. Living with cancer is not an easy thing to do, but I help even just one person know they aren’t alone; then I’m helping the best I can with giving real life stories about what I am going through.

Over a year past remission ❤️
Almost 1 year post chemotherapy

Some pictures of me from beginning to end of Chemotherapy.

My Latest Blogs

Life is good ✨️

Well has this journey been one hell of a ride! 2022 has been the best year so far! I’m fully able again to do the things I wanted to so bad during cancer. I can freely walk, run & play with my toddler with ease. No pain. I’ve got to go to so many new… Continue Reading →

Finding The Silver Lining 2.16.22

A silver lining is a sign of hope or a positive aspect in an otherwise negative situation. The time has finally come, well the last few months have been absolutely amazing compared to the last year that I’ve had. I used to use this blog as a way to talk about cancer and the shit I… Continue Reading →

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