Welcome, To the before and after life of Cancer 🌻

If you’re here you’re about to read what it truly looks like to go through cancer, but not only that, survive it too. If you’re a cancer patient, survivor, loved one, or just following my story, I welcome you to my safe space.

(2020 Welcome) I welcome you to my outlet, my way to put all my feelings and fears out there. Living with cancer is not an easy thing to do, but I help even just one person know they aren’t alone; then I’m helping the best I can with giving real life stories about what I am going through.

Almost 1 year post chemotherapy

Some pictures of me from beginning to end of Chemotherapy.

My Latest Blogs

Cancer and Drugs ( The uncut version )

So when you think about cancer, everyone tells you about all the scary stuff. Doctors instill fear inside of you. Even though you are already scared, they don’t make it much easier. I had an 11cm mass growing in my chest that was causing me an unbearable amount of pain. So in my best interest… Continue Reading →

Todays thought’s 9.5.21′

Wow, It sure has been some time since I’ve made an update about my life and what all has been happening. But I’ve been busy being a mom and to see how many months have passed already is insane. March?! Thats the last time I made a blog update. What is wrong with me?! Leave… Continue Reading →

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