Chemotherapy Day #3; July 31st 2020

Today I woke up feeling pretty good! I wake up and take my pill medications then did a blood draw. My labs are looking fantastic so far and no infection anywhere! Today was a very productive day. Gavin had come up with some goodies! Thank you so much, I bought all the Dr Peppers in the machines here and he was a life saver for bringing me some.. thank you šŸ„° And brought my baby boy Noah up! Since all the covid restrictions I’m only allowed one visitor my whole stay I’m here. I just needed to see my little man’s face! He is my strength through all this. Gavin was also a huge hug I needed. I miss being home with them but I know being monitored right now in the beginning is the best way to do this. So staying focused on keeping myself active throughout the day is how I’m going to push through. Keeping a good skin routine, continuing to dress cute and smile. Remembering to smile and know that I will beat this cancer for everyone! I have so many people in my life who I have a fight for. But to continue my day, so then I did my regular vitals, charged my machine up for a few my girls come to visit me! Sadie and Faith. Those two you will hear about often because they are my best friends. They come up with things I needed from my house, we sat outside in the beautiful weather all day and talked and it was great. Then had a small break and they went and picked up some El Cozumel cause I mean who doesn’t love tacos always. So then we ate lunch together and that was so needed šŸ„° I love seeing them. Then we just listened to music and talked until it was time for me to go back to my room! Then it was finally time to begin my blog. So here I am. šŸ¤£ So time to relax, do some more edits to the blog and watch greys anatomy šŸ’—

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  1. You got this. Your story is very simply to mine from being misdiagnosed to your diagnosis. With that being said, Iā€™m still here 20 years later. Hang tough!

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