Chemotherapy Day #4; August 1st 2020

Today I actually ended up sleeping in much later than I have been the past few days at the hospital, but it’s only because I did not have one single light on last night nor my little one up bright and early 😂 Faith had come straight from work and curled up on the chair in the room until after I got up and ready for the day. Then we ate some good breakfast, did my morning medication and vitals routine. Twice a day I am having blood draws from my Mediport to closely monitor all my levels with chemo. All week everything has been great! No issues with labs and that it awesome considering I have always had weird levels. So then Faith and I relaxed and got some coffee. We did my hair and makeup and took some great pictures. Then it was time for her to go home and rest since the girl never sleeps I swear. So I continued with my day with some lunch then a visit from my mom! Once again only can visit outside but she come up and hungout outside the hospital with me for awhile. We talked and enjoyed the weather outside. Once she left then I was pretty much just taking walks, videochatting or coloring for the rest of my day. Pretty boring, but what can you really expect out of a hospital visit?

Since this is my daily blog, this is where I’m tracking new things that are happening for myself.

As for symptoms; today tremors and shakiness started happening in my hands very bad. This is new and I’m trying to cope with it. But it’s something that’s totally normal to happen. I knew symptoms were coming but I wasn’t ready to feel so shaky. I dropped my phone because of it and cracked the corner so that alone is upsetting. As for reoccurring symptoms like hot flashes are continuing throughout the day. Hot flashes have been happening for months though. My pain levels are still pretty much at an 8 most of everyday, even with medication. I haven’t had any hair loss yet 🤞 But I’m super aware it’s coming. Since I’ve been in the hospital I’ve been extremely bloated as well. But other than these symptoms I’d say I’m doing pretty good. Then nausea stays at a comfortable level thankfully as well.

But all I know is I’m so ready to go home tomorrow, and to know more about my next plan of treatment while I’m not at the hospital. So on that note I’m going to get some rest and post back tomorrow 💗 Thanks for reading ❤

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