Chemotherapy Day #5; August 2nd 2020

Today has been probably the most annoying day out of them all. The storm last night ended up making my ceiling cave in some and causing me to have to pack all my things at 6am to go to a whole separate room.

I had a horrible time sleeping last night so I think I actually fell asleep by 5am. This just ruined my whole attitude this morning. I also had gotten the news I was not going home today. My chemotherapy usually ends about 2am every night; but I was listening to what the doctor said and he told me I’d be going home. So with that being said, one more night in the hospital and I’ll be discharged first thing in the morning.

So after a morning like that and having to figure out childcare and all that fun stuff for one more day was frustrating. But luckily my family and team I have made it easy and we made a plan quickly. I am just SO ready to be home with Noah! Oh my god I’ve never been away from him like this and it’s mentally exhausting on my end. But tomorrow awaits! Luckily Gavin had come up with Noah for a great visit today at the hospital. I just needed to see the both of them. So that alone made my whole day much better and I was able to push through another day here at the boring hospital pushing my lame pump around all day 😒😂 My mother came to visit me as well! I love the visitors, makes time go quicker. Then lastly Faith come to the rescue with everything I needed to end my night ❤ The people I have in my life are why my fight is so strong, they all would do anything for me and that’s why I keep on going.

I did see my cancer Doctor today; Dr.Danish, he made a special appearance to come chat with me about how everything has been going. He gave me a run down about how this is pretty much how the next 6 months will look like, doing 5 day inpatient treatments every 3 weeks. He told me what I should be expecting as well as how quickly my symptoms will be coming and how it looks. He had lots of encouragement and positive things to say but he knows it’s going to be a battle for sure. I’m ready for what life is about to throw my way! I’m tough and can handle more than most 🤞💪

Now to the symptoms for my daily self. Today the nausea really set in for me, that has definitely intensived as well as my fatigue. I definitely slowly feel my fully energetic self becoming more and more exhausted by the little things. Not giving up hope though! I know what’s coming. The tremors weren’t as bad as yesterday. The hot flashes come and go as normal. My head is feeling very sore and raw but I’m trying not to think about it. But overall not to bad of a day.

With that being said, I’m about to crawl into bed for the night and get as much rest as possible. I’m so excited for morning to get here so I can be out of this hospital! Thanks for reading, goodnight all you beautiful people ❤💗

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