The last few days; what’s next πŸ’— August 8th,2020

Hello everyone! I’ve really been loving the last few days I’ve been having.


So beginning with those adorable pictures of Noah and I, I’ve got to be with him everyday! It’s been so much fun being a stay at home mom again. I might regret that later, but I am loving spending more time with him. Work definitely took away a lot that I didn’t realize before.


So we took Noah to the park and had lots of fun! It was beautiful outside and it was great spending time with my family. I love hanging out with my cousins and sister; they are all so funny. And interesting always. Then Faith was with us and I always love having her around! She’s definitely apart of the family.


Yesterday was a girls day with my two main girls Sadie and Faith. My two best friends. ❀ We had a nail date! Then attempted to go to a sunflower field but the road was blocked off unfortunately. So that was a no go so we went to a park around the area and took some great pictures on the Polaroid! That was so fun. I love it.


Then I ended my night with Gavin and a fire! With some late night coloring too πŸ’— Perfect ending to my day.


So then today Gavin and I went to the Great Lakes Crossing! We bought Noah this huge elmo the size of him and he adores it. It was so cute! We ate some lunch and had a great day together as a family. I love days like today. It’s been a great day.

So whats next with my cancer:

So I will be going back to the hospital for round 2 of Chemotherapy on August 18th- August 23rd. Doing 5 days inpatient at Hurley again. I’m not looking forward to it but I’m enjoying my time outside the hospital in the meantime! So that’s what I have for my updates today ❀ I hope everyone has a great weekend and thanks for reading! πŸ₯°

Then my symptoms update:

My symptoms have been getting worst day by day. My whole forehead is covered in sore bumps. It’s almost like acne but not so I’m working on a skin routine to get it under control unfortunately. Tremors and shakiness is definitely getting worst too. I haven’t had any hair loss yet but it’ll be here any day. I have rashes on my chest and back too but I’m taking an allergy medication for that too. My pain level is alright, then my nausea is ridiculous. I haven’t thrown up yet though!! So that’s a plus. But acid reflex and nausea suck. I’m making it through! I’m tough. Just sucks these keep getting worst.

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