Round 2 Chemotherapy; Day 0 (Had to skip 1st day) August 18th, 2020

HELLO! And good morning everyone, sorry my site has been down for awhile! I had some domain issues and didn’t realize it until now. But my site should be back up and running.

So today I was supposed to begin my chemotherapy today at Hurley but I was having a really sore throat with white spots on it. So we had to wait one more day for the medication I was given to make the swelling go down. It was assumed it could have been strep throat so we had to get a strep test to confirm. The test ended up negative even though I swore it was strep, but that is good news! No sickness over here, but some sores from chemo. It does add another day on to my hospital stay, and I hate that. I want to be home with my son. I’ve had the best 3 weeks off of the hospital being with him everyday! So not having him is torture, I swear.

As since the last time I’ve posted I’ve been doing a lot! Lots of park trips, Gavin and I took Noah to the Detroit Zoo which was a whole bunch of fun! I’ve painted many paintings and colored so many pictures lately. I got to visit the sunflower field and we got our nails done❀ I got to go to the park with my best two girls and take some great pictures ❀ Got to have dinner with all my family multiple times lately and I love it. My family and I also took some really great pictures of all the kids together! β™₯

Daily Symptoms

So as for symptoms they just keep on coming. Obviously the sore throat and spots are new for me. The medication he gave me already has it feeling better! The tremors in my hands are intense, and my hands lock up in a certain position so I have to rub out the finger until it smooths out and releases tension. I have very bad muscle pain too in lot of parts in my body. Especially my calfs and feet. No matter how much water I’m drinking, it still is not helping with that. My hair is mostly gone at this point, all bald except for some patches. That is still hard to accept, but I’m working on it. I miss my hair. Sleeping is hard, as I wake up in a drench sweat just about every pee break throughout the night. These meds make me pee more than I was pregnant I feel. Which is even more annoying since we track my liquid intake. So lots of dumping out of pan of pee; how fun. BUT YET; I’m making it through! I got this. I am a very strong woman, who knows it. I will power through whatever comes my way!!

What’s Next

So Chemotherapy begins fully tomorrow for a 5 day cycle on where I’m connected to a pump that connects to my mediport. I’m ready to begin this morning so I can be out as soon as possible.

Vent Session

So here’s my little vent session about the State of Michigan unemployment; can you believe I was denied?! All these other people who can physically work are getting approved instantly, even I was last year, and yet now I have a medical condition that I can not work with at least temporarily and I was denied. I am going to keep applying, but I find it ridiculous that out of all times to be denied it would be now when I need it. Small rant over. Small note, I did apply for disability as well but that takes weeks to come in. So this is really making this mama struggle!

What I’d give to be doing this right now

Something you may not know, but I’m going to be very open about it from now on! I am a medical Marijuana smoker!

If you made it this far..

So as for how I really am getting through Chemotherapy, Marijuana! I am a proud smoker. But this has been my life saver. It literally helps me all the way around with my symptoms. From pain, to nausua, to not being able to eat for days, for sleeping, for keeping my anxiety calm. If you have judgement, please keep it to yourself and really take the time to look into what and how it really benefits cancer patients β€πŸ’¨πŸ’š

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