Round 2; Chemotherapy Day 1; August 19th 2020

Hello everyone 👋 It’s Courtney here just giving you all my daily update about my hospital experience! Today was a long day it felt like. So much waiting to finally begin the chemo again. At 9am this morning he had said it was gonna be quick and ready to go. Then he said he has sent the orders, well little did my nurse know he came in and the orders were ready. So she had me exited about noon to get it started, but the type of medications it is, the pharmacy had to mix it and make it. We started at 4:30ish with bloodwork and afternoon meds. But I had to do a bag of Zofran at 6:00 pm, that takes 30 minutes. Once I receive that then I can continue onto the real chemo. I officially started at 6:30 pm for one bag, and completed that by 7:30. So hours I waited to start unfortunately. That was a medication I receive on my first and last day. Then now finally just hooked up to two chemo bags. Epitopside and Vincristine for 24 hours straight. Then tomorrow about this time I’ll have both bags empty and changed out. I’ll do this the next 5 days, then that last day have the same medication I received today. I’m also taking all my regular 10 types of medications I take daily as well. The hospital is also giving me two types of steriods too. So my body is going under a lot this time. But good news was I didn’t need a 2nd IV! No more needle pokes. Thank God. They were able to do everything throughout my port this time and thats a relief. If you seen how badly I bruise now since I’ve been going through treatment its crazy. But thats the plan the next 5-6 days! 💗

On a plus side before I got all hooked up to the machine I snuck away from the hospital and went to the park with my two favorite people! My son and Gavin. I really needed to get out and do that before my 5 days pushing this pump around. My arm muscles are gonna be huge in 6 months 🤣 Then I colored like 4 pictures today and watched greys anatomy pretty much. Pretty relaxing day.

Daily symptoms

So today my symptoms have actually not been so bad. I have had a lot of hot flashes today and more hair loss which is normal. My sore throat is clearing up thank God. It was making it very difficult to swallow since my tumor does block some of the air way when I swallow. The tremors have been mild today and overall I have had a good day! Let’s hope tomorrow I feel the same.

I was feeling confident so here’s so pictures I took today

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