Round 2; Chemotherapy Day 2; August 20th 2020

Today I feel AMAZING! LIKE. I can move, I can breathe, my pain isn’t on a 8/9 like it has been for months now! It is amazing! I think the treatment is working. It has to be shrinking for me to feel this good! Omg! I was not expecting this at all. Not in the slightest. I expected to wake up and watch TV in my bed all day and nope, I am full of energy. I feel like how I should have been feeling for years. I knew I wasn’t crazy and something was truly wrong with me. It just amazes me. I am so happy everyone. This is the best news. Also my bloodwork came out perfect! Like I’m in perfect ranges on everything for the first time in a long time. And my cancer sores in my mouth are gone! YAY! I can eat just fine again. Not that it really stopped me from eating just made swallowing difficult. Today has been a good day. My grandma come to visit me for a few and that was nice just sitting and talking with her. Then my aunt Krystal, and all her kids plus my sister come up to see me. My little sister lives with her father during the school year and stays up here with my family during the summer. I hate to see her go. We got really close this summer but I expect many phone calls from her!! I’m hoping. I love her so much. Then I got a great visit from Gavin and my boy Noah! It’s always so great to see the both of them really. But today I just colored again like 5 different pictures in between people coming to visit. As for all my symptoms: They have all been at a minimum today. I haven’t experienced much besides random tremors here and there. But my hair is almost all the way gone but last night I washed my wig and omg its perfect now! It just needed a good shampoo and conditioner so this is my everyday wig now. For sure. It fits so well and nicely. I love it. Also on bag #2 for Chemotherapy! Only 3 more bags to empty and I’m out of here 💗 Thank you all for supporting me through this process and reading my blog.

If you would like to donate during this time please read this and the link will be attached:

How to donate:

Hello everyone! I really hate to make a whole another fundraiser due to the overwhelming support I had gotten the last time. I didn’t know the fundraiser only lasted a week! I was denied unemployment, and I’m waiting on disability to see if I can be approved for that. So with that being said, being a single mama trying to support my family with no incoming income right now it’s hard. I’m really trying to fight this cancer with full power. And use all I can to focus.

I was diagnosed with Primary Mediastinal Large B-cell Lymphoma about 2 months ago. It’s an aggressive growing 11.5cm tumor right on my sternum that needed immediate and aggressive treatment. I have to spend a week in the hospital each Chemotherapy I do. I have 6 total, and I’m here completing my 2nd round.

So if you already donated please don’t feel obligated at all! I really appreciated being able to get caught up on my bills, I was so sick that I had gotten really behind on everything. So it feels good to be caught up, but now I have a whole set up bills coming and unemployment really needs to step their game up. Thank you all so much

*Also if you would like to donate through Facebook messenger or use Cashapp so fee’s aren’t taking out my cash app is: $courtneyjl22 ; Facebook takes taxes out for fundraisers. But Facebook messenger does not take out taxes. It’s not much but still fees. But please just send me a message if you do it the other ways so I can make sure to thank you! This is all super appreciated. 🥺❤💚

Thank you everyone for all the love. I love each and everyone of one you from the bottom of my heart 💗💚

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