Round 2; Chemotherapy Day 3; August 21st 2020

Hey everyone! Another great day today! My bloodwork just keeps better and better. I did have a lot of trouble sleeping last night but I don’t think that’ll be the case tonight. So today went well, I actually slept in til about 11:30am this morning. I could not tell you the last time I did that! Wow! But I was up til close to 5am coloring 🀣 So today once I woke up and got ready for the day Gavin had come for the whole day to visit me! That was great. I loved having someone actually in the hospital for most the day with me. They told us earlier he could stay the night since I had a private room, but due to Covid they aren’t allowing people to stay over. And the security guards were ridiculous rude about it for no reason. It was pretty frustrating when one person says one thing then another. But we spent the whole day together, since little Noah is at my dad’s. Gavin goes back to work for the weekend and next week. We ate lunch together, walked, played some pokemon go. Then being the great guy he is; he went and bought me (with the donation of Faith too) a big set of watercolor markers to color with! They are by far the best markers I’ve ever used. I’m so blessed for them. It keeps me busy. So Faith also came to see me and hangout πŸ₯° I love seeing everyone. Then Sadie was here too! For other reasons unfortunately but that’s another topic. Then even my uncle Jay came to see me! I love visiting with everyone. It’s so nice being able to have all the support I do. It’s truly amazing. I had a great day and going to continue coloring and watching Grey’s Anatomy since Gavin couldn’t stay the night. Then go to bed shortly.

The symptoms part of my daily blog;

So we shaved my head again to the bare minimum today since it’s so patchy and red. Trying to make it where the hair is gone gone. It’s just easier that way. My tremors weren’t bad this morning but progress throughout the day. But hey that’s everyday not right. Still no vomiting yet! Which is awesome. Nausea is still there. But oh well. Side note when the nurse attempted my iv she blew my vein as always leaving me bruised up again. But the fatigue today has hit. I think its mainly cause my schedule was way off today.

If you would like to donate to my fundraiser here is the link πŸŽ—πŸ’—

The best marker set ever!
My nasty blown veinπŸ€” The other IV is perfect cause the IV team came out

Bloodwork results and information

So I put something together to show you guys my blood levels! So I have always ran with a ridiculously high white blood count and they never knew why. My blood levels have always been funky. They’ve always questioned it. But anyways my first day of the hospital my white blood cell count was only 4.5. If it was less than 4 then I would have had to cancel my chemotherapy and that would have all been bad. So I’m uploading three pictures. The circled dots are my labs from my first day of round 2 here at the hospital. You can see that they all level out which is really cool. The last picture is my white blood cell count, I circled it red since I was so close to not having enough. Now I’m back in standard range. Thankfully. Also you can see how high they used to run, so I definitely need a mask and everything when in public since my body is all changing.

The bloodwork results on the pictures are from today πŸŽ—πŸ’š

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