Round 2; Chemotherapy Day 4 & 5; August 22nd & August 23rd 2020

August 22nd and August 23rd

Goodness, I tried so hard last night to blog but my body needed rest! So here I am finally! 🤣 I have had so many visitors the last two days. In total I’ve seen my Uncle Jay, Faith and Robert her boyfriend, Sadie & Miguel her boyfriend, my mother and Rod her boyfriend, Amber, Jazmin and then Gavin has been pretty much with me all day today ❤ I love seeing all you guys. It makes my days go by faster like I’m out tomorrow morning! This visit went by fast thank God. I’ve already packed my things because I’ll be the first to go since my chemotherapy ends tonight! I’m actually on my final bag of meds and any time now it’ll be done and I can say I successfully completed round 2 of R-VACOPB Chemotherapy! Yay! It’s so exciting when I get my IV removed and what not. I feel free. I hate being connected to a pump constantly for 5 days. It’s miserable but I got to do it this way! But I feel great today. Haven’t had much symptoms other than some back pain today. And hot flashes all damn day. That sucks lol. But I hope everyone had a great Sunday and know I’m counting down the minutes to go get my baby boy! This mama needs her baby. I miss him terribly. Like I hate being away for so long. But the morning awaits 💚 My mom is going to come see me tonight! Then I’m going to color until my eyes are heavy and wake up early so I can get out of here! I’m more than ready. It’s been a great hospital experience this time. I didn’t know what to expect with the first Chemotherapy, but I got this now. And I know it’s working because I’m actually coming back to myself again. It feels good to be back to normal. My nurses were good and they did a great job monitoring me! Shout out to Hurley Medical Center besides some minor things that have happened. But I hope you all have a great night. 🎗💚

Donating to my fundraiser:

*Also if you would like to donate through Facebook messenger or use Cashapp so fee’s aren’t taking out my cash app is: $courtneyjl22 ; Facebook takes taxes out for fundraisers. Not much but just send me a message if you do it the other ways so I can make sure to thank you! This is all super appreciated

If you would like to donate to my fundraiser here is the link:

About the fundraiser:

Hello everyone! I really hate to make a whole another fundraiser due to the overwhelming support I had gotten the last time. I didn’t know the fundraiser only lasted a week! I was denied unemployment, and I’m waiting on disability to see if I can be approved for that. So with that being said, being a single mama trying to support my family with no incoming income right now it’s hard. I’m really trying to fight this cancer with full power. And use all I can to focus.

I was diagnosed with Primary Mediastinal Large B-cell Lymphoma about 2 months ago. It’s an aggressive growing 11.5cm tumor right on my sternum that needed immediate and aggressive treatment. I have to spend a week in the hospital each Chemotherapy I do. I have 6 total, and I’m here completing my 2nd round.

So if you already donated please don’t feel obligated at all! I really appreciated being able to get caught up on my bills, I was so sick that I had gotten really behind on everything. So it feels good to be caught up, but now I have a whole set up bills coming and unemployment really needs to step their game up. Thank you all so much

Thank you so much for your love and support everyone 💚🎗

Some pictures from the past two days ( August 22nd & August 23 )

My Uncle Jay
My Uncle Jay & Gavin
My Mom
My Mom
My Mom
My Mom and her boyfriend Rod
Sadie and Miguel
Sadie and Miguel

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