Home and feeling good πŸ’—

I am so happy to be out of the hospital! I swear it feels like a prison sometimes. Especially once I’m out I get all my access back so I forget how much I take for granted! The most simple things even. 🀣 But yesterday was a very busy day, but now I have shopped for groceries for the week and have everything I need for the next few days thanks to everyone’s support! When I got home my family was over so we took the kids on a walk which was nice! Then it wss snack time and the little guys were just too cute. Then we went over to Gavins sisters to see them, we wanted to play pokemon go but the weather said otherwise.. it was way too hot. Then Gavins car needed an oil change so we went and hungout over there for awhile with Grandma Cathy too.

Being with Noah is where my heart is. I swear being with him just makes each and every day so great. I love it! But as for this week I literally have an open schedule. No doctor appointments or anything and that feels so strange but awesome at the same time. I need a break and here it is. Just watching Elmo, cooking, eating and playing with my boy. I am going to the doctors to have them full out some paperwork for unemployment since I was denied again. I don’t understand but hopefully something happens soon. But there’s my update I’ll be coming back soon πŸ’— Have a great Tuesday everyone

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