Round #3 Chemotherapy Day 1; September 15th 2020

I’m back again for round 3 of chemotherapy. I started doing a little more research on what exactly my chemo was and I was wrong about what I thought I was doing. My nurse sat with me and showed me that I am doing something called EPOCHR. It’s Etoposide, Doxorubicin, Cylophosphamide, Vincristine, Predisone, and Rituximab. But they are combined and shorten into two chemo bags that pump into me. I feel a little relief knowing more about what’s going in my body. Truthfully when I read over my medications the first few times I wondered how I was taking all these medications when I’m only connected to two bags. So now I’m less confused and more knowledgeable about what I’m doing. I thought I was doing R-VACOPB, but I must have misread or something.

But as for being back in the hospital they do what they always do and take their sweet time doing what they need to; leading me to start chemo in the morning. Like it was pointless for me to be here today if you’re not going to give me chemo. If they just worked faster or maybe just have me come in for blood-work the day before I start then I’d be happy.

The nurses here also don’t know how to do IV’s. This is now my second time getting my vein blown and having to be poked more than needed just for a regular IV. I need the regular IV for the nausea medications they give me during the start of chemo, unfortunately there wasn’t enough spots on my mediport or I wouldn’t even need the IV since they draw from the mediport. But my poor hand is going to bruise so bad, I hate when they blow my veins I swear it’s such a pet peeve.

This time coming to the hospital was the hardest time yet. I cried all morning because I did not want to go. I just want to be home with my boyfriend and son. That’s truly all I want right now. I hate it here, and 6 days. 6 days without my baby boy. It’s like torture being away from them, since they are why I’m pushing so hard to beat this tumor. I just have a bad feeling about this round and I can’t shake that feeling. I feel like it’s going to put a toll on my body worst than I’m already at and I’m not ready for that. I’ve already spent more time on the couch the past few weeks more than I have in a year I swear. I love to be busy and take Noah to the park, but after my 2nd round of chemo I was only to every other day do things. My body was just too tired to do anything.

On the plus side I got to get out on a boat! Gavin’s family owns a boat and took us out for the day, and let me tell you I needed that. It was so fun watching Noah’s hair flying everywhere and him smiling. We all had a great time. Then I got to spend time with Gavin and Noah the past couple days and it’s been great. And I got to paint, and play PokΓ©mon go with my girl Jazmin!

Now for the symptoms part of my blog

My fatigue today is on 10, I just feel exhausted for no reason. I mean, it could be the fact that 3 days in a row now I’ve been drinking a coffee with a double shot of espresso and then today I’ve barely had any caffeine so it’s kinda hard to tell. The numbness in my fingertips are still a everyday thing. I think it gets worst everyday. Same with my toes and feet. All numb. It feels like how when your foot falls asleep, but all the time. Even after all this time I still can’t get used to it. Then I figured out something cool!!! So my cold/hot flashes were getting out of control so I tested wearing my wig all day since when I’m wearing it my hot/cold flashes are mild and not bad at all. Now without the wig I have bad hot flashes where my whole face gets sparkly wet. So I think my body just contains my heat with having hair. I had it for 22 years, then all of a sudden it’s not their anymore. This is 3 days with minimal heat flashes and that has been amazing cause that’s the one I hate the most. So yay on that!

As for my medication I was able to get it sent to another pharmacy, just to find out they also didn’t have enough in stock and my insurance denied it for some reason, even though they have approved all my meds for 2 months now. This one medication was 300$. Which is ridiculous! Who can afford that, definitely not me. So that was upsetting as it’s my pain medication.

So I think that’s all I got for tonight! I’m doing a video here soon so keep an eye out for that! β™₯ Thanks for reading my followers! Love you guys β™₯

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