Round #3 Chemotherapy Day 2; September 16th 2020

Hey everyone! Day 2 hasn’t been so bad, I’m feeling much better now and that’s a huge benefit. I was so sick I couldn’t do anything, so not blowing my nose and coughing every 5 seconds feels amazing. You always take for granted how good it is to not be sick until you get sick.

Also good news! My doctors office appealed my petscan that my insurance denied and it was actually denied! But I got a call a few days ago that the insurance approved it and I will have my first petscan after beginning treatment on Friday September 25th at 8am! πŸ™‚ I am very excited to see if everything I’m going through is even worth it, I’m hoping it’s shrinking. It has to be right?!

I colored/painted some great pictures today. I got to see one of my best friends Jazmin, she brought me a birthday gift (some canvas’s) which was so sweet. Then I got to see Gavin and my son! Seeing them always make my day a lot better, I miss them so much while I’m gone. I’m just blessed Noah probably won’t remember his mommy being sick and in the hospital, so that’s comforting because I would never want him to see what I’m going through. Then I also got to visit with my Uncle Jay, another huge important person in my life. I love him more than he knows, and appreciate all the help he gives me. Knowing you have people in your life that are just one call away is amazing. And I have a whole list. I love all the support I get every time it’s chemo time. It keeps me going. I will win but I could never say I did it alone!

As for my symptoms; they haven’t been so bad today. I did experience my first vomiting 😦 It happened right after the nurse pushed some type of medication, but it was only that one time. I don’t do well with vomiting so that was disgusting for me. Hands and feet are still numb, I’ve had a headache for majority of the day. Then my fatigue is rough. I just feel exhausted. But I’m not stopping anytime soon, I’m still walking the hallways playing Pokemon Go. I gotta catch them all! Lmfao

I’m so ready to be home already but I’m a warrior as Gavin told me. So I got this and I’m going to power through this round 3 and come out stronger. If you can’t tell I’m feeling much better today. Whoever is sending good vibes my way, thank you I needed them.

Also my fundraiser is still going on as I’m still not approved for unemployment or ssi; so anything helps β™₯

So thanks for reading and I’ll be continuing to post all week I’m here, so I will see you tomorrow! β™₯ I love you all β™₯

This is what it looks like when I get my daily blood draws:

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