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Courtney Leonard

Hey there, I’m now 24 years old. And I am a cancer survivor. I have a beautiful home with my son and his father, we laugh and spend time together. I’m offically healthy again, and down to only anxiety medication now which is a huge accomplishment (Check out my blog about Cancer and Drugs). I am a recreational pot smoker, have been for years. Cancer just made the reasoning behind the use so much better. I have a full head of curly hair now, I promise it does grow back. And it’s not even the greatest. I’m a full time mom, and that’s my life. I’m a firm believer on everything happens for a reason.

The 2020 about me:

I’m 22 years old and was recently diagnosed with Primary Mediastinal Large B-Cell Lymphoma. I was having the worst chest pains of my life, as well as back pain. I was having heat flashes like crazy, headaches, and chills as well. I tried everything it felt like to make the pain get better but nothing was helping. So with that being said I was going to the hospital a lot with this and was continuing to be sent home. Well finally a random urgent care noticed something very large in an xray and asked to go get a ct with contrast. I ended up missing this appointment due to being busy and recently losing my grand mother I lived with. But then a week after that missed appointment I was back in the hospital with all my symptoms. They actually thought I threw a clot in my chest so they did an ct with contrast in ER and that is when this huge beautiful 11cm tumor in my chest shows up. So I was sent in for the quickest needle biopsy they could get me in which wasn’t until July 9th. So we were at a stand still on what was actually going on in my chest. Once the results come back on the biopsy that was when I was diagnosed with a rare form of Lymphoma. And it is aggressively growing. I was working full time as an Office Assistant for a group home of Autism and mentally disabled patients. I am also a mama to a beautiful baby boy named Noah who had just turned 1 on July 1st! So as you can see my whole life just took a change of direction. I had to quit my job because to beat this battle I need to focus solely on my health and do exactly what needs to be done with chemotherapy. I have to do my chemo treatment in the actual hospital due to insurance reasoning and its the best way to monitor me to make sure my body is handling it so well. So there is my story until this point! I hope you guys enjoy reading my blog, and if you have questions or would like to help in any way possible please reach out to me. β™₯

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