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Chemotherapy Day #3; July 31st 2020

Today I woke up feeling pretty good! I wake up and take my pill medications then did a blood draw. My labs are looking fantastic so far and no infection anywhere! Today was a very productive day. Gavin had come up with some goodies! Thank you so much, I bought all the Dr Peppers in... Continue Reading →

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Life is good ✨️

Well has this journey been one hell of a ride! 2022 has been the best year so far! I'm fully able again to do the things I wanted to so bad during cancer. I can freely walk, run & play with my toddler with ease. No pain. I've got to go to so many new... Continue Reading →

Todays thought’s 9.5.21′

Wow, It sure has been some time since I've made an update about my life and what all has been happening. But I've been busy being a mom and to see how many months have passed already is insane. March?! Thats the last time I made a blog update. What is wrong with me?! Leave... Continue Reading →

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